Like many of us, Pastor Vince grew up in a dysfunctional home that was impacted by divorce, drugs and alcohol. His family was not religious by any means but God always seemed to be interrupting Vince’s life. As God knocked at the door, Vince looked out and wondered: “Could God really love someone like me?” Then one day he prayed: “God if you are real, you will have to make yourself known to me.” Over the next few years God did make Himself known and it changed Vince’s life, not just in Eternity, but also here and now. This set Vince on a path that led him to Taylor University where he met his wife DeeAnn. Together they have 4 amazing children: Hannah, Jared, Kaitlyn and Rachel. They have Pastored for over 24 years in Indiana and Illinois. Pastor Vince loves old cars and trucks and has a small collection of them he is restoring. Pastor Vince is the first to admit that he isn’t perfect and that God is still restoring his life like he does with old cars.