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We want you to know that here, we care far more about who you ARE than who you USED to be or how you look. So come just as you are, we look forward to seeing you!

Church Service Stream

Use the buttons below to watch our streamed services. The videos will appear on YouTube and Facebook at 10:00 AM. If you are having difficulty viewing the video, refresh your browser by hitting the [F5] key.

Coronavirus Update

In light of what is going on around us with the Corona Virus, we feel that we need to be proactive in: Reducing Fears, keeping our people safe, keeping a Positive Attitude that we are doing all we can to help people make rational choices concerning their health.
Keeping in line with the Federal, State, local, agencies as well as the Denominational recommendations.

We are suspending all Church activities and closing the building until further notice.

1. We are following suit with the Schools on Wednesday Night Activities.
We want to keep your Kids and our workers safe so we are going to suspend Wednesday Night AWANA and Youth Group Until School is back in session.

2. Sunday School. Since we have all older workers working with Kids they are the ones at risk, and since the majority of the people who come to Sunday School are the older and most vulnerable, we are shutting down Sunday School until the Virus Subsides.

When things return to normal, in an effort to keep us all healthy, we are setting the following protocols:
-The Janitors are cleaning and disinfecting more and more. They are wiping down the hard surfaces of the pews and anything else they can.
-If you use the drinking fountain, use one of the cups that have been provided and throw it away in the trash can when you are done.
-There will be no Greeting Time during the service.
-We will not be passing the Offering Plates. The Ushers will stand at the exits so people drop their offerings into the plates as to reduce the passing of germs.
-If you are sitting near someone outside of your family group, give them space.

4. Tithing Issues.
Some people have asked “How can we continue to Tithe and support the local Church?”
Currently there are 2 ways to do so:

1. You can mail your Tithe Check to the Church at 816 S. Clay Street Mt Carroll IL. 61053.
2. You can give on-line through our website through the "Give" button at the top of the screen. You can set this up for a one time gift or a regular occurrence.

5. Please remember to use common sense. If you do, you and your family will be fine.
If you are worried about getting sick, stay home.
Wash your hands a lot.
Cough into your elbow and cover your mouth.
Keep your fingers away from your face as much as possible.

Thank You for your understanding and patience as we, and the world, sort out the best way to keep everyone healthy and safe with the events taking place around us.

The Mount Carroll Church of God

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816 S Clay St Mount Carroll

MCCOG is a great place to “come as you are and leave a little better than when you walked through the door.” We have a lot of great things going on for you to get involved with. You can get info about service times, Youth, Children’s Ministries and so much more by browsing the website, asking a Greeter on Sunday morning or by contacting the Church Office during normal business hours. So come join us as we strive to Know, Love, & Serve God, The Church, & Our Community!

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We exist to help people know, love and serve God, the Church, and their Communities

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